Tape to Tape Transfers
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15.00 1st hour 7.50 2nd hour

Betamax or Video 8 to or from VHS

15.00/ hour

Mini DV to or from VHS

30.00/ hour

Hi8 or S-VHS

30.00/ hour

½reel to reel videotape (5” reel)

90.00 each

½ “ reel to reel videotape (7” reel)

150.00 each

Betacam or Betacam SP (small tapes)

45.00 each

Betacam or Betacam SP (large tapes)

60.00/ hour

Cue or tape change 8.00 each change

Other Formats

Tape stock is extra.
There is a 1-hour minimum charge for all tape transfers.
Charges are per tape.
Quantity pricing is available-Inquire.