Film To Tape Transfer Price List

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Film to VHS Tape

8mm or S8 Silent (18fps)
$50.00/400 feet*
8mm or S8 sound (18fps)
$60.00/400 feet*
8mm or S8 silent (24fps)
$60.00/400 feet*
8mm or S8 sound (24fps)
$60.00/400 feet*
16mm silent (18 fps)
$60.00/400 feet*
16 mm sound or silent (24 fps)
$65.00/400 feet*
35mm, 126 or super slides (in KODAK Carousel)
$48.00/200 slides*
35mm, 126 or super slides (loose)
$66.00/200 slides*
Still photos (all one size and direction)
Still photos (custom)
$15.00/1st title $5.00 after 1st
Add Music (Easy Listening, Classical)
$8.00/400 feet*
  • *Minimum transfer charges are 400 feet of movies, 200 slides and 100 photos. Transfers are billed in those increments.
  • We will follow the numbering order or dates on the film reels (when requested) but cannot be responsible for the final order and/or contents on the tape.
  • If the shooting speed of the film is not specified, we will transfer at the speed that looks best to us.
  • There may be a service charge to repair/handle extensively damaged film.
  • Small or incomplete reels are an additional 3.00 each.
  • There is a $5.00 charge for each format change (i.e. 16mm to 8mm). The same type of film shot at different speeds is considered different formats.
  • Slides and still photos are cropped for a full horizontal picture when possible. Each slide or photo is on screen for about 6-8 seconds. There is a $.75 charge for damaged, upside down or reversed slides that come in a KODAK Carousel.
  • Film transfers to Mini-DV are 1.5 times the VHS price. Betacam and Betacam SP are 3 times the VHS price. Tape stock is extra for these formats.