Frequently Asked Questions About Film Transfers

Q. Aren’t all film transfer services alike?

A. Absolutely not! At Dahill Studios we use our 30+ years of film transfer experience to provide the highest quality small format transfers available. We are experts in the field.

Q. Will the transfer process ruin my film?

A. No, your film is handled to the highest professional standards. In fact, we will repair, clean and lubricate your film, if needed, so it may be returned to you in better condition than the way you sent it.

Q. Can you make a DVD from my film?

A. Yes. We transfer directly from your film to DVD to assure the highest quality. This provides truer colors and sharper pictures than you can get on transfers from consumer tape to DVD. Direct transfer also saves you time and money.

Q. What kind of equipment do you use?

A. We use professional quality VCR’s and DVD recorders, true aerial optical film chains (not a screen or wall!), custom designed projectors, high quality encoders and broadcast cameras with 3 image sensors. This creates sharp, high quality images that are as true to your film as possible.

Q. What kinds of film do you transfer?

A. We transfer:

  • TapeDVDRetail.htmlvie film (including standard 8mm sound at 18 or 24 frames per second [fps])
  • Super 8mm movie film (sound and silent, at 18 or 24 fps) with an optical or magnetic sound track.
  • 16mm movie film (sound and silent, at 18 or 24 fps) with an optical or magnetic sound track.
  • Obsolete formats like Pathé 9.5mm movie film.
  • Slides: 16mm, 126, 35mm, “super slides” and 21/4x2/14.
  • Still photos.
  • If your film is not on this list, or you are not sure what you have, ask us for help.

Q. What other services do you offer?

A. We produce anything from a basic film to video transfer to a full production with special effects, titles, music, voice-over, etc. Call us with your needs.

Q. How long will my film run?

A. It varies, but as a rule of thumb, 400 feet of film runs (all times are approximate):

  • 8mm silent at 18 fps - 26 minutes.
  • 8mm sound at 24 fps - 19 minutes.
  • Super 8 silent at 18 fps -24 minutes.
  • Super 8 sound at 24 fps - 18 minutes.
  • 16mm silent at 18 fps - 13 minutes.
  • 16mm sound at 24 fps - 12 minutes.

Q. How much film will fit on a DVD?

A. To assure the best quality film transfers we limit each DVD disk to a little over one hour of material. (Although it is possible to fit two hours on a DVD, the quality is not as good.)

Q. Will my new DVD play in my home DVD player?

A. Most post 1999 DVD players will play your new DVD. Check with your player manufacturer to make sure that it will play a DVD-R. All features may not be available on some players. These DVD's should play on most computer DVD-ROM drives. We take care to produce compatible DVD's, but Dahill Studios is not responsible for DVD's that will not play on your machine.

Q. Can you transfer my tape to CD-ROM?

A. Yes, but it will only play on a computer that is designed to play MPEG 1 video. A CD does not hold as much video as a DVD and the quality is not as good.

Q. How much film will fit on a tape?

A. We use the recording speed that provides the best quality for any particular tape format, e.g. for VHS we use the SP speed.

Q. How can I tell how much film I have?

A. For most types of movie film a:

  • 3” diameter reel is 50 feet
  • 5” diameter reel is 200 feet
  • 6” diameter reel is 300 feet
  • 7” diameter reel is 400 feet
  • 8” diameter reel is 600 feet
  • 10” diameter reel is 800 feet
  • 14” diameter reel is 1600 feet
  • 15” diameter reel is 2000 feet

Q. How much time will it take to make my transfer?

A. In most cases, our in-lab time is three working days or less.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Click here to find out:

Q. How can I order?

A. For the location of a dealer near you, call us at 1-800-954-6811 or e-mail your request to: